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Baby & Tot

Play and Grow Together


Our Spot
(18 months - 4 years)

Come spend your Friday morning enjoying a variety of fun-filled activities to do with your child! From crafts to instructor-led circle to free play and exploration, there is so much fun to be had! Every week will we will jump into different themes and activities that will allow you and your child to learn and grow together! PARENT PARTICIPATION IS MANDATORY! Snacks & coffee will be provided!

Baby Sing & Sign
(under 12 months)

Join instructor Jeannette for a 45-minute singing & signing cirlcle-time! Geared towards newborns through 1 year of age, the goal of signing with a little one before verbal speech develops is that they are learning thru their bodily, kinesthetic skills. The outcome we hope to achieve is to aid in communication before verbal speech develops and hopefully lessen crying, temper tantrums, and frustration. PARENT PARTICIPATION IS REQUIRED!

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